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Claire® Metered Air Fresheners
Claire® Metered Air Fresheners

Rejuvenating herbal fragrances give these refreshening, sweet lemon, vibrant lavender and fresh-picked sage balanced by warm, soothing sandalwood and sparkling highlights of mint-infused bergamot. This dry formula time mist eliminates messy fall-out on counters and floors. Eliminates smoke and other malodors with time interval spray. Lasts for more than 30 days. Metered Air Freshener with Ordenone™ Odor Neutralizer. Releases odor-fighting fragrance with each burst to eliminate offensive odors. Effective in areas up to 6,000 cubic feet. Contains more than 3,000 metered releases. Fits most metered aerosol dispensers.

Fresh Eco-Air® Air Freshener Dispenser - White
RADPEADISPW Fresh Eco-Air® Air Freshener Dispenser - White

The modern design is not only interesting but deliberate. The open-air structure creates maximum surface area exposure and space for air flow to provide effective and efficient fragrance release. Dry fragrance technology: Unlike aerosols, they don't contain any propellants or acetone so they are cleaner and there's no sticky residue. Eco-Air refill's are part of Fresh Product's closed-loop recycling program and are 100% recyclable. Freshens for 30 days. No mess dry fragrance. Eco-Air refills release just the right amount of fragrance while reducing fragrance overload.  ea

Manufacturers Item #EACAB

Fresh ourfreshe 30 Day Plug In Air Fresheners
Fresh ourfreshe 30 Day Plug In Air Fresheners

30-day air-freshening for larger spaces. Dry fragrance refills contain 3-5 times more fragrance than grocery store purchased plug-ins and freshens more space. Easy to use. The rotating plug works in any 3-prong outlet. The intensity button allows you to select the right setting, and there are no screws or tape needed to install. With our range of high quality fragrance we are sure to have the perfect scent for every different location. Improves air quality. The high-speed fan draws air through the charcoal filter, helping to clean the air for a better experience. Environmentally-friendly refill are 100% recyclable, contain a biodegradable additive, and there are no batteries required. Use one dispenser for spaces 250-500 sq ft. Add additional units to freshen larger areas.

Fresh ourfresh™ 2.0 Dispenser & Refills
Fresh ourfresh™ 2.0 Dispenser & Refills

Tired of putting up with the wet sticky residue of metered aerosols! Then, put up ourfresh™ 2.0. Dry fragrance technology, liquid free, leaves no sticky residue. Eco friendly refills are 100% recyclable and are VOC compliant. Contains the odor neutralizer moc3™. Superior 30-day performance. Smart chip technology runs the fan intermittently, turning longer as the 30 days progress (the fan does NOT run continuously). Easy to refill. Hang approximately 6' high in the center of the space; no need for a ladder. Light sensitive, fan runs at regular program setting when there is light (natural or artificial) and runs at half program when dark. Requires one C alkaline battery. Removing the battery starts the program over at day one. Green light blinks every 7 seconds when fan is running, Red light blinks when battery is low or on day 30.

Vectair Airoma® 3000 Air Freshener Refill - Zero
VTRA20 Vectair Airoma® 3000 Air Freshener Refill - Zero

Fully compliant with aerosol regulations and VOC compliant in all US states and Canada. California CARB compliant. Wide variety of fragrances available that work in competing dispensers. Complex and long lasting, effective in room sizes up to 6,000 ft3. All fragrances contain Airadicate™ odor neutralizer and malodor counteractant to help stop bad odors. 3000 sprays.  ea

Manufacturers Item #AIROMA-ZERO

Claire® Metered Air Dispenser
VTRADW Claire® Metered Air Dispenser

Uses 2 C batteries. Lasts over one year depending on settings. Slim compact unit with a variety of features and functions to meet your odor elimination needs. 3 interval settings, 7.5, 15, 30 minutes. Key lock mechanism; 24 hour/night/day. Red light symbolizes empty can. 8 1/2" height.  ea

Manufacturers Item #CL7-MADISP-C

Fresh Products Refresh 2.0 Gel Air Freshener
Fresh Products Refresh 2.0 Gel Air Freshener

Upgrade the performance of your gel air fresheners, with handy refills that fit virtually all dispensers. Sturdy gel refills will not spill or break. Refresh 2.0 gels release 15-35% more fragrance than current air freshening gels. Provides a reliably strong, long-lasting scent.

Georgia Pacific® Professional ActiveAire Automated Freshener Dispenser Refill, Coastal Breeze, Cartridge, 12/Carton
GPC48250 Georgia Pacific® Professional ActiveAire Automated Freshener Dispenser Refill, Coastal Breeze, Cartridge, 12/Carton

ActiveAire® Air Care Systems elevate the restroom experience with coordinating scents in the stall, on the wall and at the urinal. The collection includes Automated Air Freshener Dispensers for Compact® Toilet Paper Dispensers, Powered and Passive Whole-Room Air Freshener Dispensers and Low-Splash and traditional Deodorizer Urinal Screens. A variety of scents are available, providing consistent, pleasant fragrance throughout the restroom. Designed for use in offices, restaurants, healthcare, industrial and educational facilities, ActiveAire® products help you minimize customer complaints while showing customers that you care. GP PRO is a division of Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products. We deliver well-designed, durable and easy-to-maintain professional solutions to meet the handwashing and cleaning needs for a range of business applications. Scent: Coastal Breeze; Physical Form: Gel; Application: Odor Control; Packing Type: Cartridge.

Manufacturers Item #48250

Diversey™ Good Sense 60-Day Air Care System, Fresh Scent, 1.7 oz, 6/Carton
DVO100910595 Diversey™ Good Sense 60-Day Air Care System, Fresh Scent, 1.7 oz, 6/Carton

Convenient air freshener is easy to use and maintenance-free as it doesn't depend on batteries, fuel cells or any other artificial means of power. Contains a molecular odor counteractant that effectively fights odors rather than merely masking them. Provides 60 full days of odor control and air enhancement. One refill cartridge covers 6,000 cubic feet. Easy-to-use as you simply twist to activate in a few seconds. Small enough to fit into most dispensers on the market. Scent: Fresh; Physical Form: Solid; Application: Automatic Odor Control; Volume Capacity: 1.7 oz.

Manufacturers Item #100910595

Boardwalk® Curve Air Freshener
Boardwalk® Curve Air Freshener

Boardwalk® Curve Air Freshener is convenient way to mask unpleasant odors with consistent odor control. Place these air fresheners anywhere with the accompanying easy-to-use, clip holder. Each freshener is individually wrapped to seal in scent and freshens consistently for 30 days. Includes five fasteners per box. The unique date tabs allow you to easily keep track of replacement, ensuring a consistently fresher smelling area. The powerful scent contains 50-100x more fragrance than standard rimsticks.

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